Royal Dutch Co.

Bringing creativity and style to every project.

Royal Dutch Company produces creative content for licensing in film, television, and advertising.

Royal Dutch makes music that suits the needs of every single client and has been hired by ABC, NBC, MTV, Univision, Nickelodeon, and Lions Gate Films.

Royal Dutch's music has a wide range, including content in both English and Spanish that have been licensed to Univision ("Mas y Mas"), and MTVTr3s. Its work with touring musicians is also well established, with hundreds of bookings made for the talented band 40 Watt Hype. Other production credits include "Parkway Hyundai Cruisin'," which was the winner of the People's Choice Award and Telly Award for Best Jingle.

Title Project Company
Mas y Mas 40 Watt Hype Royal Dutch Company Songwriting/Production
Black Cobra Trailer Black Cobra Lionsgate Films Commercials/Films
Parkway Cruisin Parkway Hyundai Time Warner Cable Commercials/Films
Chosen Carson Nissan Time Warner Cable Commercials/Films
Most Interesting Penguin Parkway Hyundai Time Warner Cable Commercials/Films
Strong Feet on the Concrete Lincoln Heights ABC Songwriting/Production
Who Wants to be a Hilton Who Wants to be a Hilton NBC Songwriting/Production
Blue Moon The Adventures of Pluto Nash Warner Bros. Commercials/Films




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